Castle Clash Attack Strategy Guide & Cheats

I want to walk you through an attack strategy that has always worked for me. This strategy, works at my current Might and actually may not work as your base gets larger and gains more Might.

This is a simple strategy guide mainly because you do not have a ton of resources at your disposal. What I mean by this is that you do not have a troops like the Wall Breaker in Clash of Clans. You have no way of getting past walls except letting your troops destroy them which can change the strategy of your attack dramatically.

Attack Strategy for Castle Clash

When I go on a loot run, attacking a bunch of enemies to gain loot, I like to training troops as quick as possible.

Troops I Attack With

This is why I only train Dwarfs to attack along side my heroes. I have level 3 Dwarfs at the time and they take 90 seconds to train each one. They are strictly a ground troop and destroy whatever target is in their way. They occupy 2 spaces in your army camps and deal 230 damage per second. They have a health of 1600 and cost 700 mana train. They also have a movement speed of 250.

Attack Strategy Castle Clash (2)

Now that we have talked about the troops that I use for my attack, I want to talk about the heroes. When attacking, the use of your heroes is absolutely a must. They are the most powerful thing in the game so you would be wise to train them on a regular basis. Depending on an enemy base layout, I may deploy all of my heroes first or my ground troops first. Either way, I always use all of my troops because if they do not die in battle, you get them back!

Attack Strategy Castle Clash (1)

Spells used during attacks

I always have spells that I may or may not use when I attack an enemy. These are a very important part of the attack strategy guide! They can change a battle that is looking grim into one where you 100% destroy the home base. The 3 spells that I always use are Ares’ Fervor, Guardian Angel, and Ares’ Frenzy. Ares’ Fervor invokes Ares’ strength on troops that have already been sent out, granting them 17% attack until the battle ends. I have this spell upgraded to level 5.

Guardian Angel summons an angel’s protection, granting invulnerability to 12 friendly troops in the area for 6 seconds. I have this spell upgraded to level 4 currently!

Ares’ Frenzy is a spell where Ares’ bloodlust possesses friendly troops in the area for 8 seconds, granting them + 20% attack, attack speed, and movement speed. I currently have this spell at level 1 but you would be wise to upgrade this as soon as possible! It is one of the best spells in the game!

Castle Clash Attack Strategy

Now they we have talked about the troops and the spells that you are going to use, the only other thing is the process of attacking. In Castle Clash, a lot of the times it is just place your troops as quickly as possible and let them do their thing. The main part of the strategy, if you ask me, is choosing the base to attack! Find one who’s army camps do not have any troops and attack that one! If you cannot find one, then find one with terrible defensive troops and attack that one!

Once you find the base you want to attack, try to destroy all of the heroes and defense weapons first. To do this, place all of your troops in the same spot right next to them! Once they are all gone, the rest of the base will be easy. Check out the video to get an idea of what I mean!

I hope this attack strategy guide helps you destroy all of your enemy bases in Castle Clash. The biggest thing is to find what works for you and what you are comfortable with! Once you have something that works for you, do not change unless it stops working!

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Battle Arena Strategy Guide – How to Win

Hey guys! I wanted to put together a little strategy guide for everyone for the Castle Clash battle arena. I have been getting a lot of questions as to how to win in these battles and how to attack! Check below for some tips and cheats!

Battle Arena Cheats

Best Hero for the Battle Arena

There is one hero that is great for the battle arena and in my opinion is set apart from the others. This hero is Succubus. Why is this? Because she has what is called the “Death’s Lash”. This feature of Succubus damages her target by 20% of max HP. This means, that if you can get her to the enemy’s shrine, every couple of hits, she will cause 20% damage to the shrine which is absolutely destructive! There really is not another hero that can do that in Castle Clash so be sure to have a Succubus when you enter the arena.

best arena hero

Castle Clash Arena Strategy

So what is the best strategy for the battle arena in Castle Clash. It is probably not what you would expect. Check the video below for how I attack in the Battle Arena and win 90% of the time! This video shows you 5 wins in a row using the same attack strategy.

Basically you just need to follow a few rules. Check them out below.

  • Try to have the Succubus hero when you are attacking.
  • Never attack down the middle.
  • Always place all of your heroes on the same starting point.
  • Always place your heroes on the outer right edge of the starting point ring.

Not having the Succubus hero can change the outcome drastically. She is the most important piece to this strategy puzzle! Now, if you do happen to place your heroes on the same path as the enemy’s, this strategy may not work that great. That is why I never go down the middle. The middle is where 80% of the enemy’s place their defensive heroes. So try to avoid that path!

That’s pretty much all there is to winning in the battle arena on Castle Clash. Like I said, the most important thing is to have Succubus and make sure to consume some heroes with her. The more you consume, the more deadly her perk is! Everything else in this strategy plays off of her.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and leave comments as to how you attack in the arena! I am always looking for better ways to attack.

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Castle Clash – Free Shards Cheats

Getting shards on Castle Clash can be pretty tough! You cannot purchase them through the store. You have to earn them by doing things within the game! They are completely free to earn yet you may need to spend some of your resources to ultimately get them! For instance, if you need to sacrifice some of your troops for a dungeon raid and you get a few shards for it, you have to spend more resources to replenish your troops.

How to get free shards in Castle Clash

So how can you get free shards within Castle Clash? There are quite a few ways to do this. For instance, you can get free shards by raiding dungeons, completing Here Be Monsters attack waves, and by completing quests.

Earning Free Shards by Defeating Dungeons

In every dungeon that you attack, there is a chance that you will earn free shards at the end. You are never guaranteed to get shards when you successfully defeat a dungeon but you can maximize your chances to earn them! For instance, by attacking and successfully defeating an elite dungeon, which are the dungeons with blue tops on them, you have a much better chance of getting free shards!

Free Shards Elite Dungeons

Earning Free Shards By Completing Here Be Monsters Wave 5

In every here be monsters level, when completing the final wave, you will earn free shards. However, you need to complete every wave within the level or you will not get them! I know for a fact that you get 10 free shards when you complete level A waves 1-5. And I also know that you get 15 free shards when you complete level B waves 1-5. My guess is that for every level you complete, you will earn 5 more free shards! If you have a pretty good base setup and feel like playing level A 10 to 20 times a day, then you can actually earn a ton of free shards pretty easily!

Castle Clash Free Shards (1)

Earning Free Shards By Completing Quests

Quests are fairly new within Castle Clash but they are a great way to earn free shards and a lot of them! Usually within a set of quests, there is one quest that rewards you with 8 free shards for completing it! For instance, in my current set of Castle Clash quests, I earned 8 free shards for simply using a spell in one of my raids! I can also earn 8 more free shards by challenging a boss within my guild! Keep an eye out for these quests and take advantage of them when you see them!

Castle Clash Free Shards (3)

What Can I Use Shards For on Castle Clash?

Currently there are only two things that you can use shards for within the Castle Clash game. The first is using the shards to donate to your guild. Why would you donate your free shards to your guild? Well you get better upgrades and more benefits if you do so! This is a good idea if you participate with your guild a lot.

The other way to use your shards within Castle Clash is to use them to hire heroes within the heroes alter. Immortep, the very best of the Legend Heroes, cost 7500 shards to hire! That is really what I want to save up for. These heroes are hard to get your hands on so why not save these free shards for one of those. They are an absolute game changer when it comes to attacking and defending your base!

Castle Clash Free Shards (2)

So have you found any other ways to get free shards on Castle Clash? What do you use your shards for?!

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Castle Clash Heroes Trial Cheats

With the new update, a new feature in the game came out that is very similar to “Here be Monsters”. This new feature is called Heroes Trial. Heroes Trial shares the same random unit spawn mechanic that Here be Monsters does and is played just like it! To unlock this feature, you need 3000 Might.

You can have a total of 6 entries saved up at any given time and when you use one, it takes 6 hours to regenerate! So make sure you know what you are doing before you jump into these Trails.

What Are The Hero Trials

There are 12 Trial levels total that get harder as you play them. Each trial level features a certain number of randomly selected Legendary Heroes (All the same hero) that attack your base from any direction. Before the time runs out on the attack, you must defeat all of the Legedndary heroes to win the rewards. Rewards range from Gems and Honor Badges to the actual hero that you defeated!

This game type is much harder than the generic Here be Monsters game type. In Trial Level 1, heroes start at level 30 and there are 30 of them. The heroes only get harder as you play the higher levels and there are usually more of them! Look below for a table as to what we think the different levels have to offer! Thanks to the Castle Clash Wiki for this!

Heroes Trial Cheats

So far I have battled 5 different kinds of heroes. Cuspids, Pumpkin Dukes, Druids, Thundergods & Soul Harvests. Castle Clash does make make Hero Trials easy. The Legend heroes have powers that make them tough to beat. I have tried 5 times and have actually only passed one and I wouldn’t say my base is that terrible!

Can my heroes Level Up From Heroes Trial

Your heroes cannot level up when you are participating in Heroes Trial. They can seek to destroy the Legendary Heroes that are attacking you and they can be defeated, but there will be no experience points earned for them! Also, your troops can participate and can be destroyed.

Remember that if you want to level up your heroes, try the daily quests to gain experience books or train them by attacking the dungeons or other players! You can see my Heroes Training page here.

So far that is really all I know about the Hero Trials on Castle Clash. If I find any cheats or more hints, I will continue to add them to this page! If you have anything you would like to add then go ahead and leave a comment.

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