Castle Clash Level 5 Talent Card

The Castle Clash Level 5 Talent card is a new card that can grant you a random Level 5 Talent for your heroes.

Depending on when you read this article, the Castle Clash level 5 Talent card will come out in the next update or has already come out with the latest update.

This is a brand new item that Castle Clash wanted to introduce to the game. This item is truly a game changer if you are lucky enough to get one.

Castle Clash Level 5 Talent Cards

Castle clash level 5 talent card

We are guessing that it will be a rare item so good luck getting it. The Level 5 Talent Cards are held in the Warehouse and you can use your fame from the Lost Battlefield to buy them.

Encase you are still confused at what this new item can do for you, when used you can upgrade you Talents to a higher level. You will now be able to buy Runes from the Warehouse that can boost your Level 5 Talents up to a Level 8 Talent. That is a major difference.

Use your Fame to buy new Talent Cards. Each one you buy will grant you a random Level 5 Talent.

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