How To Fight In The Arena In Castle Clash

The arena is a unique game style where the whole purpose is to battle your heroes against others. When you fight in the arena in Castle Clash there are no other troops or spells involved in the game.

In the arena your main focus is to destroy your opponents shrine before they destroy yours. You are not trying to destroy an entire village or town but rather just the other hero.

The arena consists of three paths that lay horizontally from both bases. You get five heroes to use in the beginning of the game and you cant use two or more of the same hero. Your heroes can take any path but the most popular of course is the middle.

How To Fight In The Arena In Castle Clash

Once the battle starts, the heroes from each side will automatically starting moving towards each other. If there heroes bump into each other they will battle each other until there is a winner. Whoever wins that battle will continue towards the shrine to destroy it. The first player to destroy their opponents shrine will win the arena.

fight in the arena in castle clash

Each victory or defeat in the arena will count towards your ranking. The more times you win the higher you will move up in the rankings. Of course, if you lose that will count against your rankings as well. 

The arena consists of two modes, attack mode and defense mode. If you are the defensive mode you will set your heroes up in different lanes and wait for the other player to make the moves. Players that are similar to your ranking will challenge your heroes that you have set up around the arena. As a player in defense mode you won’t be able to see the fight live but you can watch the activity stream which tells you how you did in battle for the last three times. You have the option to change your heroes around after each battle if you want. Don’t forget if you lose to your opponent your ranking will drop.

If you are in attack mode then you are able to watch your battle in the arena. Castle Clash gives you 20 seconds to put your heroes in one of three paths and then the game will start. Once the game starts you can’t touch your heroes and then its all up to who has the best heroes in battle. You are allowed up to five chances to battle and they are rebuilt every 30 minutes. If you beat your opponent you will rank higher.


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