Castle Clash Wretched Gorge

Castle Clash has updated a new event called Wretched Gorge and it is one of the best new added on features to the game.

In this new Wretched Gorge event players can team up together to set their Towers, Hero Bases and Walls on a simple 10 x 10 map. When they are ready they will face different waves of infantry which are attempting to destroy their entire base.

castle clash wretched gorge

The enemy Heroes will attack the bases until there is nothing left of the base or nothing left of them. If you or the other players that you team up with stay alive you will then face the Guild Boss and the lost Realm’s biggest enemy.

If you think you have what it takes to battle in the awesome Castle Clash Wretched Gorge event then sign into your account right now and try it out. Team up with other players and start planning your base right now. If you survive, you may just meet the Lost Realm’s number one enemy!

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