Castle Clash Heroes

Castle Clash Heroes are very important to have while playing Castle Clash. Not only can they help your army defeat and destroy other villages but they can help defend your village against your enemies. You can purchase Castle Clash heroes several different ways; however, there are differences in the heroes with the way you buy them. To learn the best way to purchase Castle Clash heroes take a look below. We will show you the best ways to buy and upgrade your heroes and the best way how to use them as well.

Castle Clash Heroes

Below are the list of all the heroes you can purchase while playing Castle Clash. Each hero is different so pay attention to see which ones you should buy. The first set of heroes are classified as the Sacrifice heroes.

Sacrifice Heroes

Slime – This hero is an ordinary type of slime which gives you 100 skill EXP to the heroes when sacrificed. The cost to purchase Slime is 5 Shards.

Crystal Ooze – Crystal Ooze is another Sacrifice hero. This elite type slime will give you 600 skill EXP to the heroes when he is sacrificed.

Gelatinous Champion – This is the last sacrifice hero. The Gelatinous Champion is a legendary slime that gives 3,000 skill EXP to the heroes when it is sacrificed.

castle clash heroes

Ordinary Heroes

The Next set of heroes are called the Ordinary heroes.

Angel – Angel has the ability to heal infantry. She can restore a friendly unit’s HP up to 200% ATK.

Marauder – This hero will reduce damage against you by 15% up to 6 seconds during battle.

Hill Giant – Hill Giant throws rocks and will deal 150% damage to a random enemy who is trying to attack while during battle.

Engineer – The Engineer Will give our Lava Bursts which will do 110% damage to any enemy in the area.

Frost Witch – Her specialty is Icy thrust and will do a damage percentage of 150% to a specific target and will reduce the target’s attack and move speed by 10% for 6 seconds.

Dryad – The heroe’s specialty is to Shackle which can do 100% damage to a target and will inflict Coma for 1 second.

Alchemist – He has the ability to perform Alchemy Hurl damaging the target 180%.

Marksman – The last hero in the Ordinary category is the Marksman. This hero shoots splitting arrows and deals 130% damage to 3 targets close by randomly.

Elite Heroes

The next set of heroes are called the Elite heroes.

castle clash heroes executioner

Executioner – The Executioner’s ability is Tremor which will deal 100% damage to a target and inflict Coma for 1 second.

Assassin – This hero assassinates your enemies dealing 250% damage to the target with the lowest health.

Werewolf – He uses rage to take down his enemies which deals 30% of damage for 5 seconds.

Cyclops – The big Cyclops hero uses the shock wave against his enemies. He will deal 100% damage to the enemies who are in the arc.

Shaman – Shaman uses a curse to reduce the attack damage by 25% for 6 seconds to his target.

Pain-Da – Pain-Da is unique while he uses lightning to deal 150% damage to all the surrounding enemies.

Serpent Queen – This queen’s ability is to use Toxic Mist to poison her enemies within a certain area. She will deal 8% of DMG + 15 DMP every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds straight.

Ice Demon – His ability is to use Icefog to decrease the movement and speed of 6 random enemies in  a certain area by 30% for 6 seconds.

Triton – Triton uses the Atlantic Doom which effects enemy healing by 35% for 6 seconds.

Legendary Heroes

The last group of heroes are called Legendary heroes. These are the best heroes you can get in the game.

Paladin – Paladin’s specialty is to fortify it’s defenses by reducing damage taken by 40% for 5 seconds.

Champion – Champion will deal 100% damage to 3 random targets that are close by while also inflicting Coma for 3 seconds.

Succubus – She will damage targets by 15% of their maximum HP and will reduce it attack by 15% for 5 seconds.

Druid – Druid will restore health of two close allies with the lowest health by 200% attack damage and will increase it’s attack damage by 15% for 5 seconds.

Ninja – This Ninja deals 300% damage to your target.

Thundergod – Thundergod uses lightning strikes on random targets dealing 200% damage while inflicting coma to all nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Atlanticore – He is truely invincible and will reflect all incoming damage back to the source of it for 2.5 seconds.

Grizzly Reaper – The Grizzly Reaper will deal 180% damage to 2 units on the battlefield and will restore HP set equal to 15% of any damage dealt to you.

Spirit Mage – This hero will deal an entire 200% damage to 2 randomly chosen targets that are nearby.

Pumpkin Duke – Pumpkin Duke will increase your attack, attack rate and movement and speed by 10%  for 8 seconds. This is one of the better heroes you can get in this game.

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